Top International Movies

Movies are a great source of entertainment for introverts but even extroverts like to watch movies occasionally. While watching local movies helps, boost the industry, watching international movies does much more. You get to learn about the cultural practices of other places and become diverse. International movies also provide a fun way to learn a foreign language. So in case, you’re wondering what are the best international movies, here are a few that you can watch.

The lives of others

This movie is about what happened after world war II. The scene is set in Germany and it depicts a relationship between the police and civilians during a time when the country was facing divisions. The state plants surveillance equipment in artists apartment but the twist comes in when the officer put in charge of the surveillance becomes “drawn” into the artist’s life. This is a thrilling movie that you can’t afford to miss.

Pans labyrinth

This movie that was produced in 2006 shows a mixture of reality and magic that makes it more interesting. It’s about a young girl who is thrown into a world of confusion and turmoil when her family moves in with her stepfather. While still facing all the challenges with her family, she comes across a magical world that changes everything for her. This movie was such a massive blockbuster that a well known gaming software decided to have a slot machine version of the movie! was the first site to release it, if you liked the movie you might enjoy the game!


This 2011 movie set in France is as interesting as it is insightful. While a rich man is looking for a new assistant, he meets a trouble maker who looks for dubious means to make money. This encounter leads to more trouble in the lives of the aristocrats who are forced to change their perspectives about some aspects of life. Watching this movie will have a similar effect on you and cause you to view life from a new perspective. You might be surprised to learn that the soundtrack of this french movie has been produced by the same guy who launched canadiancasinoreview!

13 assassins

13 assassins show a mixture of some Japanese mythical beliefs as well as their culture. If you don’t like action movies with a lot of blood being spilled then this isn’t the movie for you to watch. Although the scenes may seem gruesome, it depicts a historical practice that will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

I am love

Based on an Italian family that is very wealthy, I am love follows a good story-line that is interesting, to say the least. When a young woman of Russian origin joins this Italian exclusive family through marriage, the family can’t seem to welcome her despite all her efforts. The woman gives up everything in Russia to come to Italy only to find that blending into the family is harder than she first thought. She ends up stirring more trouble within this new family.

The wailing

Although this movie can be classified as a horror movie, it is more focused on spirituality through corrosion of souls. Released in 2016 in the Korean language, the wailing will most likely not scare you but leave you thinking deeply about spirituality.


Most people consider international movies to be slow or with bad story-lines. This is, however, a common misconception as shown by these great international movies. Others that you can also check out include “train to Busan” which is a Korean movie released in 2016, “troll hunter” which was released in 2010 in Norwegian language and “IP man” which was released in 2008 in the Cantonese language. Stay in the loop and don’t miss the 2019 top list of the top movies! We heard lots of finnish movies are in the competition, visit for more info.

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