Making the World Laugh, One Comedy Movie at a Time

The saying goes that money makes the world go around. However, you can say that comedy makes the world go round. Without comedy, there is rarely any joy in life. People will not smile and laugh and can remain simply lifeless ad dull. This is where comedy movies come in real handy.

General Comedy
General comedy movies are such that they include general humor above all else. In such movies, the humor is rather simple and is made to be more family orientated. Meet Dave is an example of a general comedy movie starring Eddie Murphy. The movie takes people on the adventure of a group of aliens and their adventure in a robotic suit; trying to get back their orb. This movie has many comedic scenes that make you laugh but are family friendly at the same time.

In essence, general comedy is a type of comedy that anyone and everyone can both watch and understand. This is one of the biggest reasons why general comedy movies such as Meet Dave or even RW (Robin Williams) have garnered so much success. This is quite contrary to adult comedy where only truly mature audiences can only understand, appreciate and enjoy the jokes.

Parodies are amongst some of the best comedy movies ever made. Parodies take the concept(s) of many different genres of movies and, well, make fun of them. Some of the most successful parodies include the Scary Movie series, Sean of the Dead, Evil Dead 2, Spaceballs and Meet the Spartans.

Each movie takes on normal movie, horror, family, zombie apocalypse, action, etc. and turn them into some of the funniest comedic moments you have ever seen. However, parodies are not for everyone primarily due to the fact that parodies ‘make fun’ of the original movies; a fact not everyone appreciates.

Adult Comedy
Adult comedy is a whole different genre of comedy. In essence, if you are mature enough to understand the jokes (adult), these comedy movies can be some of the best you have ever seen. These movies use a lot of vulgarity, sex jokes and sexual references to make the audience laugh. Of course, when watched by mature audiences, these movies do really well. One great example is the Harold and Kumar trilogy.

The Harold and Kumar trilogy takes you on the journey of 2 best friends in their adventures for women, weed, and love and of course, burgers. During the course of any of the 3 movies, there are a multitude of adult jokes; all of which truly make mature audiences laugh.

Comedy movies contain a host of different themes, portrayed in different ways. However, each makes you laugh a lot and no two comedy movies are ever the same. While some people enjoy the simple side of classic comedy, many others enjoy parodies. Whilst many people love general comedy, many others love adult comedy. In essence, it really does depend on you and your comedic preferences.

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Best Thriller Movies of 2012

Thriller movies leave you in anticipation, cringing at what may happen next. In the blink of an eye, everything becomes incredibly fast-paced; leaving you gasping for more on the edge of your seat. In essence, that is what thriller movies are; fast-paced, adrenaline pumping movies full of action sequences and/or suspense. Here is a look at some of the best thriller movies released in 2012.

Prometheus is an amazing thriller movie that was released back in June, 2012. The story looks at the adventure of a group of explorers who leave Earth and end up possibly finding the origins of life of Earth. However, what they find is a lot more than the origins of mankind. Now, they have to fight their way off the planet as well as possibly save the entire human race.

The Cabin in the Woods
The Cabin in the Woods is a thriller movie that was released in April, 2012. The movie follows the life of 5 teenagers and their time in a secluded cabin. What started as a promising weekend turns into their worst nightmare. It all starts when the group of teenagers find an old basement full of relics and an old book.
This movie will truly have you jumping at almost every turn.

Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection
This movie revisits the Night of the Living Dead series and brings it back with a bang. In this movie, as usual, zombies have risen from their graves and are looking to do one thing; feed on the flesh of the living. In this movie however, society and scientists are baffled and try to look at why and how this even happened. Of course, many people point to holy books and state that this is the day of judgment.

All the while, the story focuses on a small family that lives in West Wales. When they find out what is happening, they hide from almost everything and isolate themselves in their farmhouse. However, they soon find out that everything is not as it appears.

The Grey
The grey, released in January, 2012, is a movie that follows the unfortunate accident of a group of oil workers in the frozen plains of Alaska. The group was on a plane that was supposed to take them home but, unfortunately, the plane crashes. The 7 remaining oil workers are led and protected by John Ottway (Liam Neeson) who has survival skills and fends off and fights the wolves that are trying to kill them.

Each new moment in the movie takes a gripping turn and prove why this is one of the best thriller movies of 2012.

These five movies are noted as being the best thriller movies of 2012 so far. Of course, there are many other movies waiting to be released and they may yet make the list. However, for now, these movies are the best thriller movies of 2012. They really get your blood pumping, your eyes glued to the screen and the audience wanting more at every turn.…