The Top Gold Mining Movies

Getting gold is not just a rush but a serious status boost. But the process of mining it is as rough as it can get. If you watch the documentaries on gold mining, much like the ones found on the National Geographic Channel, you will see how much of a daunting task it is. Creatives like actors and directors have tried to put together the essence of gold mining in movies. Some have depicted in almost near detail the hustle and backbreaking work it is.

Here is a look at the top gold mining movies of all time:

1. Yukon Gold (2013-2017)
This series went on for 5 seasons and all along we followed their grueling journey to get gold. We are started off to a routine of equipment failure that leads to dashed hopes and desperate moves. The newcomer Big Al has one of those unfortunate streaks of bad luck in the sluicing machines and other equipment. Following on with the series, we see what a race it is to dig up gold. Having to battle extreme temperatures and improvising on the material you will use for your dredging is one of the highlights of the series. The Yukon gold mining season has people putting their health at risk in order to score the biggest ounces of gold.

2. Gold (2016)
This film follows the life of a young man who has it rough in the beginning until he meets up with a geologist from Indonesia. Kenny has been struggling financially since his father died and has been working from his girlfriend’s bar since he is almost broke. The geologist is equally broke but they come up with the idea to prospect for gold. Their plan works and they land an investor from Indonesia. Their gold mining business blossoms and Kenny is thriving so much he has forgotten about his girlfriend Kay, who he once depended on. Now a multi billionaire, Kenny, and Mike, the geologist, spend most of their time together. Until Mike dupes Kenny and runs away leaving him in debt.

3. Pale Rider (1985)
If ever you doubted gold can give you power, then this film discredits all that. In a town that is run through ownership and the rich and mighty, a stranger cannot go unnoticed. Coy LaHood is the big time miner who runs the town with his thugs; harassing people and taking what they want. A silent and brave stranger arrives in town and appears to run his matters with a clear head and some deserved violence. As he is bent on leaving the place, LaHood offers the gold miners an amount provided they evacuate. These miners, however, consider that their livelihood is
that gold so they stay on and fight.

4. North Star (1996)
This film follows the travails of one young man determined to risk his life to uncover the truth about a horrible land baron. Sean McLennon is a dangerous land baron who kills the owners of the lands he owns and it is up to Santeek to spread the news. Unfortunately for him, he is chased after and shot before he could get so far.

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