Top Slot Machines Inspired by Movies

Imagine being paid to watch your favorite movies! I know that sounds impossible but we live in a world where virtually everything is becoming a reality. Movie-themed slot machines allow you to relive the best moments from your favorite movies where you can even get paid for it. With everyone desiring to play a film-based slot, slot machines inspired by movies have grown in popularity. It’s always fun to see how your favorite characters show up in the slot version and who stars as the highest paying symbol.

Creators compile the best scenes, characters and music from a movie to create an incredible gaming experience. The use of advanced technologies and the possibility of a high payout makes it even better. Movie-themed slots exist in both land and online casinos around the world, with every genre known to man. Though most of them are based on action and thriller movies, you will also find comedy, romance and every other niche genre found on the big screen. Finding these kind of games wasn’t easy. I don’t get any entertainment on a traditional slot machines, I am one of those who can only enjoy a game inspired by either a movie or a book. I really liked online casinos in Canada I found all the games I wanted and got information on online casinos in general.

But for Read along for a definitive countdown of the top slot machines based on movies.

Designed by Net Entertainment, Scarface is a five-reel, 20-payline slot. It’s based on the gangster movie and includes memorable scenes and sounds from the iconic film along with all the familiar characters. The Scarface slot also has its character symbols; Chi Chi, Tony, Montana, Elvira, and Manny. Whenever these characters are in a winning combination, a movie scene featuring them will appear. When the wild symbols fill reels two,three, or four, free spin bonuses unlock. Scarface slot has a skill stop feature which allows you to bring the spinning reels to a stop creating a winning combination or triggering a bonus. Just click on the spin button to halt the reels.

Rocky is a five-reel, 25-payline slot game created by Playtech. You can step in the ring with Rocky Balboa and some of his greatest opponents. The slot game has symbols in the form of the film’s popular characters including; Apollo Creed, Ivan Dragon, Rocky and Adrian. Spelling ROCKY across the five reels wins you 5× of your total bet while lining up three, four, or five symbols gets you either small or big payouts. Wild symbols appear in the form of Rocky. Matching five wild Rocky symbols wins you the largest jackpot of 10,000 coins for every coin wagered on that payline.

Grease is a land-based casino slot adapted from the musical film featuring Olivia Newton and John Travolta. The real money game created by Bally Technologies only cost a penny to play but has a top reward of 40 million credits. Grease is a five-reel, 25-payline slot game. You can play two games at once and multiple bonus features are also included in the game. The slot is packed with
scenes from the film as well as original music.

The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight is a five-reel slot game designed by both IGT and Microgaming. The two games are similar but the IGT version is only available in land casinos while the Microgaming version is available online. The game has 14 winning symbols including several characters from the movie such as Rachel Dawes and Harvey Dent. It also has card symbols like king, queen, ace and others. Batman is the highest winning symbol and players win up to 2,000 credits when five Batman symbols appear across all reels. Bonus features appear at random in the form of the film’s main characters: Joker and Batman. Either of them can appear on the screen and award you surprise prizes. The game also has a scatter symbol which gives you a shot at the largest prize in the standard gameplay, a random free spin and a progressive jackpot. This game is probably one of my favorite, of all time. The graphics are so good and I always get lucky with the Dark Knight! If you want to try your luck as well with the Dark Knight, you can check another good casino site:

There are many more slot machine games based on movies both in brick and mortar casinos as well as online. These slot machines attract massive crowds to casinos and you are likely to see a long line form as people seek a chance to play. The games’ clear sound, huge jackpots and authentic video clips appeal to many. The upcoming slot game might be inspired by the blockbuster “Ready Player One”! A game you don’t want to miss if, like us, you loved the movie. From what we’ve heard, the first site to release the slot will be enlignecasinoavis, a french canadian site. But don’t worry, if you don’t speak french, there will be an english version available soon!

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