Daniel Craig is the New James Bond : Casino Royale

After Pierce Brosnan’s years, James Bond started to have a bit of old stuff. Goldeneye was great, but unfortunately, the Brosnan films were slowly reduced. Perhaps the focus was on working on the story or maybe after almost 40 years of seeing the MI6 secret agent rescuing the world, again and again, the crowd simply disliked it. Whatever the reason why the James Bond franchise needs a quick recovery. He did Casino Royale with a bang because he did some of the other few movies in the franchise before, he focused on James Bond’s character and gave us a look at the mind of this complex character while still giving fans to the classic moments of real sequences of the other films competed recently.

First, the most obvious change at Casino Royale was Daniel Craig as James Bond. This was an option that angered many people, as evidenced by the countless websites and blogs that were trying to provoke a massive boycott of the film due to the participation of Craig. Fortunately, Daniel Craig took another look at the secret agent. Make Bond a more athletic and human character that the audience sees through the transformation that has made him what we are used to in other films.

Another change in Casino Royale was the absence of personality Q. Although Q was not a mistake in the Bond movies, its exclusion led to less crazy tools such as cigarette bombs and cell phone guns. This is allowed to focus on Bond’s abilities, not stupid luck to be in a situation where the villain wants to open a bag link and then hit him in the face of a smoke bomb. Agile and fast-thinking agile, hold M and the rest of MI6 on tiptoe.

While Casino Royale focuses heavily on movies like some modern movies, it also slows things down. The most obvious case is the card game that fills the room with tension everywhere. Return to the first days of Bond. One of the first scenes in this series is to play spy cards with your enemy. In the hands of poker, we deal with the struggle that convinces the public that Bond is not tangible. Even minutes later, one of the most vulnerable scenes shows us when Bond is forced to take a break from the game and almost lose his life. Casino Royale mixes an unstoppable spy who cannot stop with a weak person who quickly discovers that, as agent 00, he will ask him to make some changes to himself. Bond is forced to strike a balance between separating himself from everything,
without allowing himself to become a very cold hit man.

Like Batman, it begins before Casino Royale revives the franchise that was fading. The movie, again like Batman, felt ingenious and rude from previous entries in the franchise. This new trend was mixed with the new main actor who could embody the character of James Bond and a mix of classic Bond moments with the latest ideas that make the Bond films relevant. Batman, like Bond Films, was not in touch with what made the first person love everyone. All the privileges of the film became “dumb” and lost focus when throwing foolish enemies and tons of unnecessary tools into the mix. The Batman movies focused more on their evil stars, adding Bond movies to the invisible cars that mixed with the mysterious James Bond, who clearly forgot the events of his past.
With Quantum of Solace on the straight door and getting rave reviews from viewers around the world, they should be very excited about the return of James Bond. In this movie, special agent James Bond is sent to Madagascar to raise money in a high-stakes poker game and play against Le Chiffre. MI6 gambles that James Bond, the newest ’00’ will beat Le Chiffre’s organization. Like 007, you could start playing casino games…while watching your favorite James Bond movies! Online casinos have become very popular, some of their games are inspired by movies such a Casino Royale. If you need more information about casinos, check https://onlinecasinosguidelines.info/ and get started. You could like James topple Le Chiffre and win big!

I am very excited because we got a Bond movie that is a direct continuation of the previous movie, probably the deepest link, something that was absent  from many of the other movies in the franchise. Similar to the way in the continuation of “The Dark Knight” show in the spirit of Batman tormented and focus more on his personality, the “Quantum of Solace” is trying to deepen James Bond’s attempts to deal with the events at the end of Casino Royale. The dark tone that adapts well to Batman also works well with Bond. Perhaps the best part of Casino Royale is how, despite being more realistic and darker in character, we still see the same competitors and carefree attitude, which was a key element in the Bond franchise since its inception.…

The Top Gold Mining Movies

Getting gold is not just a rush but a serious status boost. But the process of mining it is as rough as it can get. If you watch the documentaries on gold mining, much like the ones found on the National Geographic Channel, you will see how much of a daunting task it is. Creatives like actors and directors have tried to put together the essence of gold mining in movies. Some have depicted in almost near detail the hustle and backbreaking work it is.

Here is a look at the top gold mining movies of all time:

1. Yukon Gold (2013-2017)
This series went on for 5 seasons and all along we followed their grueling journey to get gold. We are started off to a routine of equipment failure that leads to dashed hopes and desperate moves. The newcomer Big Al has one of those unfortunate streaks of bad luck in the sluicing machines and other equipment. Following on with the series, we see what a race it is to dig up gold. Having to battle extreme temperatures and improvising on the material you will use for your dredging is one of the highlights of the series. The Yukon gold mining season has people putting their health at risk in order to score the biggest ounces of gold.

2. Gold (2016)
This film follows the life of a young man who has it rough in the beginning until he meets up with a geologist from Indonesia. Kenny has been struggling financially since his father died and has been working from his girlfriend’s bar since he is almost broke. The geologist is equally broke but they come up with the idea to prospect for gold. Their plan works and they land an investor from Indonesia. Their gold mining business blossoms and Kenny is thriving so much he has forgotten about his girlfriend Kay, who he once depended on. Now a multi billionaire, Kenny, and Mike, the geologist, spend most of their time together. Until Mike dupes Kenny and runs away leaving him in debt.

3. Pale Rider (1985)
If ever you doubted gold can give you power, then this film discredits all that. In a town that is run through ownership and the rich and mighty, a stranger cannot go unnoticed. Coy LaHood is the big time miner who runs the town with his thugs; harassing people and taking what they want. A silent and brave stranger arrives in town and appears to run his matters with a clear head and some deserved violence. As he is bent on leaving the place, LaHood offers the gold miners an amount provided they evacuate. These miners, however, consider that their livelihood is
that gold so they stay on and fight.

4. North Star (1996)
This film follows the travails of one young man determined to risk his life to uncover the truth about a horrible land baron. Sean McLennon is a dangerous land baron who kills the owners of the lands he owns and it is up to Santeek to spread the news. Unfortunately for him, he is chased after and shot before he could get so far.

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Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire is a journey and a trip down an individual’s memory lane as he recounts the struggles in his life that has ultimately given him his opportunity to win big amidst struggles to do with the fact he is suspected of cheating.

The general consent is that Englishman Danny Boyle’s venture into Bollywood and results in a stirring tale of romance, redemption, and adventure. These themes are indisputably present but represent only the base by which a much more profound and compelling story is narrated. Slumdog Millionaire, Boyle’s eighth feature film, delves deep into pressing modern issues like globalization, social partition, child labor, police brutality, entitlement, and cultural and religious discord-into territory far beyond the aforementioned themes. It’s widely described as a simplistic but well-crafted, “feelgood movie.” This kind of pedestrian summation is an insult to criticism. On the contrary, the intensely serious themes of this film present many decidedly feel bad
moments for which the rest of the film struggles to compensate.

Many viewers will likely be taken aback by the first scenes which graphically portray our 18-year old hero, Jamal Malik, being constrained to excruciating torture. Jamal is a “Slumdog”-a throwaway product of the dark underbelly of Mumbai, destitute in every conceivable sense of the word. Somehow, this inconsequential proletariat manages to land a spot on the Hindi version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and tears through the questions making it further than anyone dreamed he could. In utter disbelief of Jamal’s unlikely success the host, played brilliantly by Anil Kapoor, has him arrested and tortured on suspicions of cheating.

The keys to Jamal’s success are revealed through a series of flashbacks to various times in his childhood which occupies the bulk of the film. These sequences magnificently and powerfully chronicle the gut-wrenching story of a very adult life led by a very young child. Boyle carefully juxtaposes completely different scenes portraying pure, hellish and unabashed joy. The ungodly squalor, greed, hate, and abuse act as foils to the many gems throughout the picture.

Much credit must go to cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle who’s glittering, often-frenetic work behind the camera presents us with a realistic, sometimes troubling, but always gorgeous view of one of the most culturally rich and diverse places on earth. As the story unfolds, it’s quite obvious how things are going to end. The film’s predictability, however, is one of its assets allowing us to absorb the true themes of the picture rather than being bogged down by unnecessary plot twists or gimmicks. The familiar formula settles into a supporting role while the director’s
poignant message of outrage, desperation, warning, caution, and hope takes the main stage.

If Jamal is the soul of the movie, the relationship between Jamal and Latika is the heart. Their relationship is formed under harsh circumstances that become incrementally more brutal as the years go by. They beat down and nearly broken, but they never forget each other. Slumdog Millionaire is not simply a feel-good movie. It’s better than that. We feel good only after we offer our sincerest humanity. And even then, we’re never allowed to forget those crushing moments that didn’t feel so good.

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Entourage: The Movie

The hit HBO television show Entourage finally came to an end in 2011 after eight glorious seasons. Since then it has left fans on the edge of their seats in hopes of either a continuation of the show or at least a box office movie. Much to the delight of fans, there has been some news regarding the making of Entourage, the movie. Fans should not hold their breath though. While executive producer Mark Wahlberg has stated that a movie will be made, he has also gone on to say that it will only be done “as soon as them guys stop being so greedy.” Right now there is a huge dispute on how much money each of the cast of characters will be paid for their role in the movie. Each of them is, of course, asking for large amounts of money.

It’s All On Jeremy Piven

The holdup is that Jeremy Piven, who plays Ari Gold in Entourage, has already signed the deal with Warner Brothers, which is reported to be very lucrative. The problem is the same deal is not being offered to the other co-stars. All of the other main co-stars of Entourage are expecting an equal share of Jeremy Piven’s supposed payout. This may not happen, though, since the proposed budget for the movie is just $30 million. A budget this low for a movie will certainly not pay for all of the expected expenses. There is a butting of heads for sure. Warner Brothers will have to either raise the budget to do the movie or the movie will effectively be dead in the water. The real losers in all of this are the fans. They have been clamouring for this movie ever since the last episode. Now it looks like it might be a long time before they get what they want.

…But It Could Happen RIGHT NOW

If the stars of Entourage are working out a new deal, then it’s entirely possible that production will begin very soon and we finally can see it on the silver screen. Until then, you can go back and watch older episodes of Entourage to catch up and maybe even save them on your PC. This, of course, means downloading an application that can save streaming media. One such application can easily be found here at mobilecasinositesz.tumblr.com. Being 100% free, both money-wise and free of viruses and other nasties, it installs on your web browser as a completely free extension that allows you to download any video, anywhere.…

Jurassic Park Fans Must Wait for Their Dino Fix

Jurassic Park fans let out a collective sigh earlier this year when Universal Pictures officially announced that Jurassic Park 4 would not be released anytime soon. SIGH! 🙁 In the meantime, you can go to Youtube and download the old Jurassic Park movies, clips using apps like youtube downloader online pro or even play to the online game “Jurassic Park”. The Jurassic Park saga is so popular that you can now play from online casinos. For more information check yukon-goldcasino. You will be able to register to Yukon Gold Casino and access to the Jurassic park slot machine!

In their statement, Universal Pictures claimed that the delay was only to afford filmmakers adequate time to deliver an outstanding film worthy of the name Jurassic Park, but some are skeptical about whether the film will ever come to fruition. There is even a Jurassic Park casino slot game available now

A spark of hope was ignited recently however when ComingSoon attended an Expo in Las Vegas where a banner was seen with the iconic Jurassic Park logo and the date “2015” underneath. This new development seems to support the theory that the movie is indeed only taking a temporary hiatus from production but will eventually be released to its tragically dinosaur deprived audiences. Perhaps this is actually good news. If Universal Pictures is willing to endure criticism from fans by announcing a later release date then maybe, just maybe, they really are concerned with making a top quality film that doesn’t cut any corners. Crazier things have happened.

Those who attended the expo also reported that the new Jurassic Park will be filmed in 3D. This is kind of unsurprising after the recent re-release of the original Jurassic Park film in 3D, but exciting news nonetheless. Seeing the original Jurassic Park in 3D was an exhilarating experience, but imagine the possibilities for a film that is actually produced using the latest in 3D technology. If you’re already giddily imagining velociraptors snapping their hungry jaws in your face, you’re not alone.

Since the release date appears to be set very generally for 2015 at the moment, fans will no doubt have to wait awhile for more details concerning the plot line, cast, and a specific theatrical release to be announced. Until then, fans will just have to revisit the original.


Multi-format release of “A Field in England”

Ben Wheatley’s new film A Field in England sounds exciting in itself, but the latest news is the way it is going to be released in the UK. On June 5th, the film will be released simultaneously in movie theaters, free TV, DVD and Video-On-Demand. This interesting film is set in England during the 17th century civil war. It involves a small group of deserters who flee the battle scene and become mixed up in a treasure hunt.

This type of simultaneous release is the first of its kind in the UK and is therefore attracting a lot of attention from around the world. This could be a distribution game changer with the way audiences are changing their viewing patterns. With increasing theater costs and home theaters gaining in popularity, an increasing number of people prefer to stay at home and rent DVD’s or utilize their cable provider’s on-demand screening, or even downloading videos from Youtube! There is also a good chance that movie piracy will go down since there are so many ways to legitimately obtain the movie. This could be a good model for future releases. Of course, the big budget special–effects heavy movies would still stand to gain from a traditional release.

The group of deserters is captured by an alchemist in a field and forced to help him hunt for treasure he believes is hidden in the field. Dissent, arguments and fighting raise their head as the hunt progresses and they become victim to the energies of the field. The screenplay was co-written by Ben Wheatley and Amy Jump.…

Man of Steel’s Website Now Features a Menacing Viral Video

It is difficult to pinpoint just when the trend of darkening the once flamboyant superhero action movies began, but just like all those New Online Casinos appearing out of nowhere everywhere, it seems that the trend is here to stay. After Nolan’s realistic, drama-heavy re-imagining of the Batman, the Spiderman got a similar kind of treatment in the last year’s reboot. Now, the next one to undergo such a makeover is Superman. Or to put it more appropriate, Man of Steel.

I remember how Superman movies of my childhood had something colourful and bright about them. Even the notorious Krypton villains seemed to step out of a comic book. I remember what general Zod was like – and no, I wasn’t afraid of him.

bgAnd now? Behold the change: this here is not a general Zod I’d like to encounter as a child – not on a television, and even less so on a big screen. Despite that, I must say that a somewhat creepy viral video promoting the movie is pretty awesome, and actually got me interested in seeing Man of Steel once it hits the theatres.

What we now know is that the upcoming movie will feature Krypton villains attacking Earth, where Superman will stand as our best line of defence. The cast of characters will feature Henry Cavill as the titular superhero, Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as his adoptive parents, Russell Crowe as his biological father Jor-El, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Laurence Fishbourne as Perry White, and Michael Sheenan as general Zod.

For one thing, after seeing Watchmen, I believe Zack Snyder has what it takes to make the new Superman film spectacular. Add to that Christoper Nolan in the role of producer, and it really seems that the Superman movie franchise might be getting ‘The Dark Knight treatment’. Man of Steel is set to premiere on June 13.…

Inarritu’s Birdman will feature an impressive ensemble cast

When earlier news reported that Michael Keaton is to star in Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s upcoming movie Birdman, one could not help but chuckle at the delicious irony.

Keaton, famous for playing Tim Burton’s Batman back in the day, will in Birdman play an actor who – likewise – once player a similar iconic superhero. Being down on his luck, the movie’s protagonist decides to revive his failed career with a stage play based on Raymond Carver’s short story. And that’s where things go downhill, thanks to an egotistical lead actor in the play…

Such an antagonist might prove to be annoying rather than funny, but it has just been confirmed that the said character will be played by Edward Norton. Knowing the scope of his acting skills, we’re in for a treat.

With an amusing premise of a-play-within-a-movie and Inarritu as a director (21 Grams, Babel, Biutiful), Birdman was set to be an interesting, quirky comedy from the very start. Now, with a growing ensemble of talented cast, the expectations rise even more.

To recollect, apart from Keaton and Norton, Birdman is to feature Naomi Watts, Emma Stone, Zach Galifianakis and Andrea Riseborough. Just like Edward Norton, Watts is to play a stage actress, while Emma Stone will take the role of Keaton’s daughter/assistant. Zach Galifianakis will play the show’s producer.

It will be intriguing to see how Inarritu – a director famous for movies that deal with human drama and tragedy  – will handle a comedy. Currently in pre-production, Birdman is to be released some time in 2014.

We’ll have to get our casino games on while we’re waiting for this one! There are quite a few funny slot games out there to keep us entertained for a while.…

Argo wins best picture at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

Ben Affleck’s hostage negotiation drama Argo took home the best picture award at the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards at the weekend, further intensifying speculation that the film could be the surprising recipient of the corresponding Oscar award in a few weeks time.

Argo beat four other films; The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Les Misérables, Silver Linings Playbook and Lincoln to the gong and many experts feel that this may well be a dress rehearsal for Oscar’s night.

While not originally thought of as a leading contender for the big prizes, Argo has been well received by many critics and many people (see highrolleronlinecasino.net) are making the film a strong favourite to also land the Best Picture Oscar.

Other winners on the night included Daniel Day Lewis, who won the SAG award for his portrayal of the title role in Steven Speilberg’s Lincoln. There was further recognition for the film when Tommy Lee Jones also won the award for the best supporting actor.

Jennifer Lawrence arguably sprung the surprise of the evening when she pipped favourite Jessica Chastain, from Zero Dark Thirty, to earn the best actress award for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook.

One time Oscar favourite Les Misérables had to be content with just the one award, for best supporting actress for Anne Hathaway, who beat Sally Field, Nicole Kidman, Maggie Smith and Helen Hunt to the gong.

The lifetime achievement award went to Dick Van Dyke, perhaps best known for his role as the cockney-accented chimney sweep in Disney’s Mary Poppins.…

Stars at Sundance

The Sundance Film festival is a place to take risks, just like at the craps table. This year’s festival included plenty of films featuring big-name Hollywood stars, but not all of them succeeded in creating unique and memorable films. Here are a few of those star-powered films and how they fared at Sundance.

Don Jon’s Addiction. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in his own directorial debut playing a pornography-addicted Jersey shore stereotype who needs to decide once and for all which is better: fantasy or reality. Though Gordon-Levitt displays some interesting directorial chops and plays his slime ball character quite convincingly, the story’s over-simplified, predictable resolution leaves something to be desired.

Mud. Matthew McConaughey continues his recent streak of outstanding films in this Arkansas coming of age tale. It’s hard to believe this actor was once pigeonholed as a rom-com lead as he gives another nuanced performance here, mixing caution and charisma as he charms two young boys into helping him evade the law and reunite with his lover (played by Reese Witherspoon). This film may be a bit long and meandering, but the music, cinematography, and characters can justify the length.

The East. cn_image.size.sundance-film-festival-2013-park-city-utahThis thoughtful and provocative spy thriller comes from Sundance stars Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, who starred and directed (respectively) in previous Sundance sensation, Sound of My Voice. If this second film is any indication, these two are set to become household names just like another indie favorite, Ellen Page, who also happens to be in this film. Full of twists and turns, The East also has a solid storyline with a satisfying ending and not too many leaps of faith required.…